Current Projects

The Owl’s Mark

Genre: YA fantasy, dark fantasy, alternate history

Synopsis: Donovan Ashford is out for blood. As a child, he swore revenge on Lord Halifax, the aristocrat who brutally executed his family. Now at seventeen, he kills traitors on behalf of the Gallian Empire. With an owlish monster named Blighter at his side, he brings their illegal witchcraft to a gruesome end. But in secret, he plots against the Empire, and waits for the day when he will assassinate Lord Halifax. To do this, he will risk his power at court, his life, and his very soul.

But just as Donovan prepares to put his plan into motion, he is sent on a mission with Lady Harriet, daughter of Lord Halifax. She is beautiful and deadly, a kindred spirit. As she and Donovan face danger after danger together, he must make a choice. Will he remain loyal to Blighter, the monster who vowed to help him destroy the Halifax clan? Or will his growing admiration of Harriet turn to love—or worse still, mercy?


The Kindling Star (Knight of Mars Volume One)

Genre: YA historical fantasy

Synopsis: Miss Abigail Jennings longs to be a knight, like the characters from her favorite legends. Unfortunately, she is a Victorian girl, and she has just come of age. Her family expects her to marry, like every young woman of privilege. She dreads the loss of her freedom. When her debut quite literally goes up in flames, she discovers she has the rare power to become an Astral Knight of England. But following her dream will come at a cost: an ancient curse which may claim her life– and her heart.

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