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Me with my Squishable owl, Leonard.Hello! My name is Katrina Bender. I am a writer of Young Adult fiction with a passion for classic literature and all things YA. I am currently revising my third novel, which will soon be on submission.

A bit about my background…

A few years ago, I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. My concentration was 19th century British literature, and I completed an honors thesis about vampires in Victorian fiction. I don’t write about vampires, not in the colloquial sense, but I do write about the Victorian era. I’ve been fascinated by the period since I was a child, and grew up reading the stories of Louisa May Alcott– which was wonderful, except I kept using 19th century slang in front of my peers. I’ve since discovered that muttering things like “Confound it!” is not socially advisable behavior in this century, so I try to channel that sort of thing into my work instead.

In my spare time, I am a professional costume designer for local theater productions. I also read books, collect socks, and drink an absurd amount of tea.

You can contact me via the following email address: katrinabender@yahoo.com

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